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Ice Princess Dollhouse Bag

Ice Princess Dollhouse Bag

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Now, they can carry their dollhouse wherever they go! A compact, travel friendly dollhouse set that is stylish to carry and packed with play materials. Designed with pockets at the back to hold the dolls.

Size of Bag: 13.5x12 Inches (When Closed)

27 Inches in Length (when Open)

Please see below for Contents:
1x Dollhouse Bag with pockets for dolls on the back
1x Sleeping bag for each doll
1x Bath Tub with Towel
1x Mini Princess Doll (6 inches)
1x Baby Doll
2x Dresses for the Mini Doll with one set of shoes and Purse
1x Night Suit for the Mini Doll
1x Swimming Costume for Mini doll
2x Dresses for Baby Doll
1x Butterfly Magic Wand (7 inches)

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